little monsters INC.

Well, the other day I made a tutorial on how to make those paper-snowflakes from pre-school. Me and my brother had much fun looking at the patterns as they appeared on the paper. He commented on one : "it looks like a mad bull!"
And from that little outburst an idea grew in me. And the result?
A tiny little monster-factory. It reminds me of the days of design lectures in High School. A challenge to make something different within the same shapes repeatedly. I had fun.


  1. Hello and thanks for visiting my place! I know this is an older post but strangely I was unable to find any dates around here so I am not sure HOW old it is. Your little monster factory is really cool! I like the two angry Medusas and the goldfish most.

    Also, you said you really enjoy the challenge aspect of Monday Artday. Have you ever looked at Illustration Friday? It's my very favorite, with a new challenge every week, and it has been around for many years and has hundreds of participants! Also, tons of cool art blogs and inspiration to find there. Just thought I'd mention it in case it sounded fun, even just once in a while. :)

    1. Hi Cindy:)

      I dont have any dates on my blogs, that is true. I dont know why, I just like it better that way!

      Thanks for commenting on my monsters, they liked it;)

      I have been thinking about Illustration friday, it sounds like fun. The only thing is that my days are quite busy, but still I dont have to make something every week either? Thanks for the tip, Ill look into it:)



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