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Ariel The dwarf and Belle The Hobbit. 
I want to draw disney princesses as Tolkien characters. 
Just for fun. 
Cause I´m a nerd


Not getting too much drawing done 
dance kjhgf fjer

a face made of color

just casually leaving this here! happy new year!

Sketchdump 2

Being sick with a fever gets boring..
So Ive spent some time in my Artrage archives. Sketches are a good way to practice drawing-tablet-skills, be creative and relax at the same time. At least for me it is. 
vetle skissebw
Brother portait
teikneserie mal750px
punker something
Elfquest feels + boobies :D


Given topic: Political Debate
Made in Artrage in a hurry, just for fun

From my point of view they are just swinging at each other. Anyways, do you see my subtle opinion?

Another work in progress

WIP`s got the best of me
its not easy to get relief
Once started
we`re never parted
this wip
won`t set me free..


50x40 cm

And so she fell in love with the moon

challenge: Man in the moon
1 hour

How do people do speedpainting? Like making a picture in an hour? This is my best shot, I messed up the layers and got stressed out. But hey, at least she`s cute, right?


I made a logo for a band called "pigfish" ! 
A little favor to my friend Jonathan who is the vocalist! And also just for fun..


Music saves me sometimes.


Music saves me
I will do my best to save it back
we are one
together we fall apart
we fall 

but there is no sweeter way


"Plastic" you say, like its something negative. If you only knew; 
some of my best friends are made of plastic..

Hey everybody! 
I`ve had a wonderful summer vacation! Among all the things I did, I had my birthday! 
And my birthday-wish came true when I got a tablet from my boyfriend! (He is the best) 
So this is my first real drawing, that was supposed to be something else than just testing the tablet;) 
I`m looking forward to practicing this skill! Seeing progress! 

Well, now my hands hurt...



IF: Faded

The fairytale "The little mermaid" has an alternative ending. Did you know?

A mind`s factory

I thought to myself that maybe there is a little factory in my mind, making up all the silly little things I imagine. And that I would try to draw it. I also decided to use whatever I first came up with, witch was a corn kernel escaping the popcorn factory!

Given word: Factory
Sketched by hand
Colored digitally

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